Q. How long is the Tattoo?

A. The Tattoo runs 2.5 hours with a 20-minute intermission.

Q. What are the dates of the Tattoo?
A. The 2023 takes place from Saturday, July 1 to Saturday, July 8.

Q. What time is the show?

A. Matinees begin at 2:00 pm; evening shows begin at 7:00 pm. In 2023, we anticipate our matinees being July 1, July 2, and July 8.

Q. How early should I arrive?

A. The doors open an hour before show time, so please allow yourself time to show your ticket, stop at our merch booths, get refreshments, and find your seats before the show begins.

Q. What are the health policies for the Scotiabank Centre?
A. You can find all the information you need here.

Q. If I missed the matinee, can I still get tickets for that evening’s show?

A. Unfortunately, there is only one show per day.

Q. Who’s in the show?

A. We’ll have more details soon on cast for the 2023 Tattoo!

Q. Is the show loud?

A. The host will let you know before the show begins if you should anticipate any loud noises. We advise that you bring earplugs or headphones for small children as there are loud cannon and gun blasts periodically.

Q. Should I dress up?

A. That’s entirely up to you as there is no formal dress code. Though most audience members are dressed casually, there are those who wear kilts or tartan to honour their heritage; and those who wear suits/dresses, or military uniforms to show their respect to those serving.

Q. Why are there people with cameras on the floor?

A. They’re our camera crew! We film our show for archival and promotional purposes, and though we try to capture the bulk of this during dress rehearsals or our first show, from time to time there may be additional shooting required. If this is the case, we’ll announce on our website which days the crew will be filming.

Q. Can I watch the Tattoo on television?

A. We’re very fortunate to partner with Eastlink for occasional marathons, so stay tuned for updates!

Q. Can I watch the Tattoo online?

A. The 2021 Tattoo—the Spirit of Nova Scotia Virtual Show—is available to stream on demand for only $19.99. Click here to rent your copy.

Q. What’s it like behind the scenes?

A. We’re glad you asked! You can book a backstage tour and see what goes in to producing an internationally acclaimed show for only $17.25/person plus $2 service fee. Tours are offered daily except for Canada Day.

Q. Can I volunteer with the Tattoo?

A. Of course! We’re always looking for fresh volunteers to help out in areas from production to costuming to props and transportation and office support and beyond! Click here to learn more about our volunteer opportunities and to fill out a volunteer application.

Q. What other fun things do you do during Tattoo Week?

A. We have the Tattoo Festival and the Canada Day Parade! We’ll have more details on both in the spring of 2023!

Q. What’s the Tattoo Club?
A. The Tattoo Club is our exclusive loyalty program for our most passionate Tattoo audience members. For only $25 (or $20 if you’re an active/retired servicemember, veteran or first responder), you’ll have access to exclusive discounts, promotions, offers and invites from the Tattoo and from local partners.

Sign up now and get an exclusive pre-sale window when 2023 Tattoo tickets go on sale this fall!

To learn more about the Tattoo Club and to join, click here.


Q. I want to bring my baby to the show, am I allowed?

A. You are – the Scotiabank Centre policy is that children under the age of 2 are permitted free entry and don’t require a ticket.

Q. We stopped for fast food on our way in – are we allowed to bring it inside?

A. The Scotiabank Centre does not allow outside food, but there are plenty of delicious foods at the kiosks inside!

Q. I want to snap some photos of the show – can I bring my camera?

A. Professional cameras are a no-go, but if you do snap pictures on your phone, we ask that you don’t use flash as it could be distracting and dangerous to the performers. And please do not block the view of patrons around you.

Q. Is there parking at the Scotiabank Centre?

A. There isn’t, but there are several options for parking nearby, including metered street parking and parking garages.

Our friends at the Downtown Halifax Business Commission have this handy page about Parking Smart in Downtown Halifax, so be sure to check it out and plan ahead!

But if you’d rather not worry about parking or don’t have a car, Halifax Transit has you covered. Several buses stop at the Scotia Square terminal just down the hill from us – check out their routes and schedules by clicking the link.

Q. I require an accessible entrance to the Scotiabank Centre. Can you point me in the right direction?

A. Absolutely! Click here to view a map of entrances to the Scotiabank Centre, with accessible entrances noted.

Q. I’m not good with stairs. Can you advise me on how best to get to my seat?

A. All lower bowl sections now offer handrails to help patrons up and down the stairs, except for Sections 6-10 and 20-24 in rows A-J. If you require further assistance, ushers are placed at the top of every section and will be able to further assist you.


Q. The Tattoo sounds like fun! Where do I buy my tickets?

A. You can buy your Tattoo tickets online by through Ticket Atlantic.

*PLEASE NOTE: You cannot purchase tickets from the Tattoo Production Office*

Q. Do you offer any discounts?

A. We do! Stay tuned for when tickets go on sale this fall to find out all of our discounts, but here were our offers in 2022:

We’re happy to announce that in 2022, KIDS 18 AND UNDER ARE FREE! When you buy an adult/senior ticket, you’ll have the option to add one FREE kid ticket to your order. You can get additional free kids tickets for every one ticket you buy; but if you need an additional ticket outside the 1:1 ratio, they’re available for only $30.

Buy 3, Get 1 Free is available year-round: add three adult tickets to your order and get an additional ticket free. Cannot be combined with other discounts/offers. Only applicable to 3 per order (12 people).

To thank our veterans, servicemembers, and first responders, we’re also proud to offer a promotion where these groups can save 10% on tickets. Use promo code THANKYOU2022 to access this discount.

Eligible branches include: veterans, Canadian Armed Forces/Department of National Defence staff, teachers and first responders (including RCMP, Police, Fire and Emergency, NSEHS, Canadian Coast Guard, Commissionaires, Search and Rescue, Correctional Officers and Nurses).

The Tattoo may add additional branches at any time.

Q. I bought tickets but I can’t attend anymore. Can I get a refund?

A. All ticket purchases are final, but you can transfer your tickets to another person. Instructions on how to do this are located here.

Q. Will I get a refund if the show is cancelled?

A. The show must go on, so unless public health requires that the Tattoo is cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic, we will be live in the Scotiabank Centre. If the show is cancelled because of this, you will receive a full refund.

Q. I saw Tattoo tickets on another event website. Are they valid?

A. Ticket Atlantic is the only authorized ticket agent of the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, so please ensure that you purchase your tickets through them.

Q. What seating would you recommend for Tattoo tickets?

A. The nature of the Tattoo is that it’s always moving around the floor, so every seat is a good seat!


Q. I want to be in the show! How can I make this happen?

A. Awesome! Please send links to your official website, any performance videos, and other relevant information to [email protected]. We’re always scouting for new acts and will ensure that your information is passed along to the production team!

Please note: the Tattoo does not pay its performers.

Q. I know a group you should get for a future Tattoo! How can I make this happen?

A. We’re always scouting for new acts, so if you have suggestions please send us their information, same as above, and we’ll ensure that it’s passed along to the production team!

Q. How is the Canadian Armed Forces involved?

A. The Tattoo is presented by the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo Society with great input from the Canadian Armed Forces. Simply put, the CAF is our largest supporter. They have been with us every step of the way and provide crucial support to the production both on stage and behind the scenes.

Q. I’m interested in a career in the Canadian Armed Forces. Can you point me in the right direction?

A. You can find more information about a military career by visiting their official website.

Q. What else can I do in while I’m in Halifax?

A. There is so much to do and see in Halifax – and in Nova Scotia! We recommend checking out the following links:

Q. I’m a tour operator and I’m interested in learning more about the Tattoo. Do you have group rates?

A. We offer group rates for groups of 10-24 people and groups of 25+. You can learn more about this by visiting our Group Rates page. We’re currently pre-booking group tours for 2023 and 2024, you can fill out a form for either year at the link noted above!

Q. I’m looking to get a tattoo. Can I schedule an appointment with you?

A. If we had a dollar every time someone called us with this question… Keep searching on Google, you’ll find what you’re looking for!

“It was an outstanding and heartwarming experience which was beautifully performed. I wanted more.”

Virginia Hungerford
Ledyard, Connecticut, USA

Photos by Stoo Metz, David Baillieul, Hamish Gordon & others. Translation powered by Google.
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