We first met our pal Drummie the Black Bear in 2020, when he wandered into the Tattoo Production Office during the first lockdown and wondered where all the humans were.

Once we came back to work in the office, Drummie told us he wanted to be our Drum Major. The Drum Major controls tempo and marching pace for the Tattoo’s marching bands. His audition didn’t go so great, but he said he was willing to work with us and learn the ropes, and we couldn’t turn down that offer! (Don’t tell Drummie, but bears can’t be Drum Majors…)

Drummie is a big kid at heart. He loves to play and laugh and listen to the pipes and drums. He’s hoping that all his friends will come to the 2023 Tattoo next summer!

Drummie the Black Bear - Tattoo Mascot

Get to Know Drummie

Favourite Movie: Paddington 2

Favourite TV Show: The Yogi Bear Show, Survivor

Favourite Song: ‘The Black Bear’ as performed in the Finale March-Off

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be: Drum Major at the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo

Favourite Tattoo Performers: The Tattoo Massed Pipes & Drums

If I Can’t Be the Drum Major at the Tattoo, I Want to Be: A Flying Grandpa

“That show was spectacular – we are very pleased and happy.”

Cecile Forest-Charron
St. Simeon-De-Bonaventure, Quebec

Photos by Stoo Metz, David Baillieul, Hamish Gordon & others.
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