June 29 – July 6, 2019 Scotiabank Centre, Halifax

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Introducing the Cast of 2018

We're the most international we have ever been! We've got a group from every continent on the Planet! Check out who is coming to the Tattoo this year!


The Scots College Pipes & Drums     

The boys at The Scots College in Sydney, Australia, learn to play either the bagpipes or the drums, and have been representing the school in this award-winning band at home and abroad for over 100 years!

Cores da Bahia

Cores da Bahia, a Brazilian troupe, provides all the thrill of going to the circus right here at the Tattoo! Their exotic rhythms, movements, and colourful costumes create a visual feast for the eyes, and you won’t believe the amazing acrobatics and stunts they’ll perform!

German Air Force Band Münster

Münster is the cultural centre of the Westphalia region in western Germany, so it’s no surprise that the German Air Force Band Münster pulls from a large musical catalogue that includes traditional marching, classical, contemporary, brass, pop and jazz tunes!

Team Airtime

How extreme is Team Airtime? This German team blends extreme stunts with precision and choreography to create a one-of-a-kind show you won’t find anywhere else. Just don’t try this at home!

Jordanian Armed Forces Royal Guard Silent Drill Team

Formed in 1977, the Jordanian Armed Forces Royal Guard Silent Drill Team has performed across the globe, and their main duties include greeting King Abdullah, training units for the Flag Parade, offering silent drill training for Jordanian and Arab military units, and providing security. They wear the official uniform of the Royal Badia Forces and carry rifles that date back to 1917.          


Circassian Guards

The Circassian Guards have served the Kingdom of Jordan since the monarchy’s founding in 1921, and although their role is largely ceremonial these days, they undergo eight months of training for self-defence, security, protocol and military techniques. The Guards carry two swords: the “shashka” and the “qama”, and a chest guard of 16 rifle cartridges.


Simba Zambezi

The Simba Zambezi Acrobats from Nairobi, Kenya, specialize in energetic gymnastic stunts: limbo dancing with fire, hoop jumping, human pyramids and skipping!


Nalmes State Dancers           

The Nalmes State Dancers are Circassian dancers that have been performing since 1936. Their folk dances are based on elegance, strength, freedom and the spirit of Circassians, who were displaced from their home on the North Sea in the 19th century. In 2014, they performed at the Sochi Winter Olympics cultural program.


The Combined Singapore Police Force Band

The Combined Singapore Police Force Band is one of the oldest bands in Singapore, formed in 1925, aims to promote the Singapore Police through music. They’ve appeared all over the world: Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Japan, and now Halifax!



2d Marine Division Band

Based in North Carolina, the 2d Marine Division Band, or “The Division’s Own”, has been performing since the Second World War, when the band formed for the first time in Wellington, New Zealand. Since then, the band has provided musical support for all major commands, and its members have provided wartime assistance in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.



North American Brass Band Summer School

Musicians come from all over to be a part of the North American Brass Band Summer School, now in its fifth year with the Tattoo. These talented brass musicians receive expert lessons from some of the world’s best brass band performers and appear in the show themselves!



Stadacona Band of the Royal Canadian Navy

The Stadacona Band of the Royal Canadian Navy has been the Tattoo’s pit band from the very beginning. When they’re not appearing in the Tattoo, they represent the Royal Canadian Navy at ceremonies and concerts in Halifax and around the world.

National Band of the Naval Reserve

The National Band of the Naval Reserve is made up of musicians from various Naval Reserve Units in Quebec City, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg and Calgary. They tour extensively during the summer and can perform virtually all musical formats!

The Royal Canadian Artillery Band

As Canada’s first professional military band, the Royal Canadian Artillery Band can trace its roots back to The ‘B’ Battery Band of the RCA, which was formed in Québec City in 1879. Currently based in Edmonton, the Band performs around the world.

5 Canadian Division Brass and Reed Band

Reserve army musicians from Atlantic Canada make up the 5 Canadian Division Brass and Reed Band and perform throughout the show. 


Halifax Regional Police Contingent

Halifax Regional Police Officers will join the Tattoo with their Colour Party and with members in the Women in Service scene and watch out for Steeler and his friend Const. Phil MacDonald from the K9 Unit in the pre-show!


Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency Contingent

Members of Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency will appear in the show with their Colour Party and its members will support the Women in Service scene!


Canadian Cadets

Youth ages 12 to 18 who are members of the Royal Canadian Sea, Army and Air Cadets will perform in the Tattoo as part of the band and the Massed Pipes & Drums!


Massed Pipes & Drums

This year, the Massed Pipes & Drums will return and be bigger & better than ever!

Nova Scotia Youth Pipes & Drums

For the very first time, youth pipers and drummers who study with the tutors of the Tattoo Foundation’s Youth Pipes & Drums Initiative will appear in the show. Students receive free lessons with the goal of feeding them into the Massed Pipes & Drums.


Tattoo Highland Dance Team

It’s not a Tattoo without Highland Dancers! Dancers audition from all over for the chance to join the team, and they appear throughout the show with the Massed Pipes & Drums and will feature in their own scene!


Tattoo Choir

The Tattoo Choir is one of the backbones of the show, lending their rich voices throughout the show.

Tattoo Children’s Chorus

The Tattoo Children’s Chorus is made up of talented youngsters drawn from Halifax who perform throughout the show.  


Megan Hamilton

Just call her La Azulita (The Blue), because Megan Hamilton is one of Atlantic Canada’s most famed flamenco dancers. She’s performed with orchestras and symphonies across the country, and is well-known for her grace, crisp and clean footwork, and her stunning stage presence.


Harry Knight 

This ten-year-old phenom has been playing the guitar since he was only four! Harry Knight has the kind of career people dream of: he’s performed around western Canada – including a stint at the Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show – and in Mexico, Spain and England.


Langley Ukulele Ensemble

Hailing from the Ukulele Capital of Canada – Langley, British Columbia – these teens will have you dancing in your seats! They perform annually in Hawaii and have plans to tour Australia and Europe in the future.


Titans Gymnasts

Tumbling is the name of the game for the youngsters representing Titans Gymnastics and Trampoline Club out of Dartmouth, all of whom are here to impress you as they soar through the air!


Brenna Conrad

Brenna Conrad hails from Truro and has lent her beautiful soprano to the show since she was a teenager!

Marcel d’Entremont

Marcel d’Entremont is a classically trained tenor from Merigomish who has studied music at Acadia University and the University of Toronto.


Cyndi Cain 

We’re thrilled to welcome Cindi Cain as she makes her Tattoo debut!


Heather Rankin

Cape Breton’s sweetheart Heather Rankin makes her Tattoo debut this year performing with the Tattoo Highland Dance Team. In her storied career, she’s won Juno Awards, East Coast Music Awards, and toured the world.


Grace MacMaster

Grace MacMaster is a vibrant fiddle player presently based in Halifax who focuses on the Cape Breton fiddling style.

Tattoo Extras

This year, the Tattoo Extras can be spotted in our Act I Finale, which honours the end of the First World War, the Battle of the Atlantic scene, and in our Women in Service scene.


Tattoo Volunteers

At our core, the Tattoo is driven by the arduous work of countless volunteers who help in all areas of the production. Whether they’re on the floor or behind the scenes, the Tattoo is grateful to everyone who has helped make our 40th show a spectacular!


Fanfare Trumpets

The Fanfare Trumpeters play short bursts of music and wear costumes reminiscent of the Tudor era!



2018 Themes 

Women in

The First
World War

Battle of the Atlantic

Women played a key role in the war effort and without them, the war would have been different. In the field and on the home front, we have many women to thank.

Celebrating 100 years of the end of the First World War, the Tattoo pays tribute to those lost but not forgotten, battles that changed the course of the war, and the mark it left of this country.

 The longest active campaign of the Second World War, the Battle of the Atlantic played a key role in keeping supply routes open for the Allied Forces fighting on the front lines. 



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