Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo

Online 50/50 Jackpots

Draw DateJackpotWinning Ticket
June 27, 2020$15,80083797
August 28, 2020$3,07010243
September 25, 2020$2,69010302
October 30, 2020$1,36010104
December 29, 2020$4,41010687
January 29, 2021$1,73010090
February 26, 2021$1,72010144
March 31, 2021$2,22510068
April 30, 2021$2,28010631
May 28, 2021$1,70511746
June 30, 2021$2,05011456
July 30, 2021$85510491
August 31, 2021$86510009
September 30, 2021$91010753

2019 Tattoo 50/50 Jackpots

Winning Number: A3-017197

Amount: $ 10,040

Claimed: YES

Winning Number: B3-025497

Amount: $10,480


Winning Number: C3-046324


Claimed: YES

Winning Number: D3-046441

,Amount: $5557.50

Claimed: YES

Winning Number: E3-059259

Amount: $6,315

Claimed: YES

Winning Number: F3-068079?

Amount: $6122.50

Claimed: NO

As per Nova Scotia Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco guidelines, the unclaimed prize was donated to a charity after 180 days.

Winning Number: G3-082410

Amount:$ 7737.50

Claimed: YES

Winning Number: H3-093133


Claimed: YES

In the event that a winner does not come forward within 30 minutes of the announcement of the winning number, all tickets for that draw date are to be segregated and sealed.  The winning ticket is to be sealed in an envelope.  The Tattoo is to take an advertisement in the provincial newspaper advertising the winning number, the winning amount and that the winner has 90 days to claim the prize at the Tattoo office.  If after 90 days, no winner has come forward, a second draw of the tickets of that draw date is to be done at the Tattoo office, and that number posted on the website and an advertisement taken out in the provincial paper.  The holder of the second number has 90 days to claim the prize.

If after 180 days there is no winner, Nova Scotia Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco will be contacted to arrange to have the unclaimed prize donated to a charity.

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