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Youth Pipes and Drums

The Youth Pipes & Drums initiative was created by the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo to ensure the piping and drumming tradition continues in our younger generations. The program offers FREE instruction and training to youth aged 7 to 17. It is coordinated out of Halifax and currently offers instruction in four areas - Halifax Metro, Sydney, the Valley and the Chester area, with hopes of expanding further.

The Tattoo sponsors this free program with the goal of training pipers and drummers to take part in the Tattoo as part of the Nova Scotia Pipes & Drums, or the Black Watch Pipes & Drums as they graduate from the youth group. Additionally, the program feeds into community pipe bands around the province, including the professional-level and competitive pipe bands.

Founded in 2010, the Youth Pipes & Drums program has been a tremendous success and is critical in rejuvenating piping and drumming in parts of the province where its existence was at risk. With first-rate expertise, guidance and instruction, some students of the program will go on to be among the ranks of world’s finest professional pipers and drummers.

Your support is critical to the success of this program and covers the cost of instruction, instruments, space rental, music and costume. 

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