“The Tattoo is one of the best highlights of any Nova Scotia summer. It makes one feel very proud to be Nova Scotian.”

Bev Cheverie

“A great show and the complimentary kids tickets were appreciated as I was able to introduce my young children to the Tattoo!”

Krista Conway

“I don’t believe I have even seen such a well-planned and -executed event and we will definitely be back again!”

Kim Braun
Nova Scotia

“I plan to see the show likely annually and eventually take my young children. It is something that makes me feel proud to be Canadian, proud to serve in the military and I want to pass on the celebration of traditions and fun to my children.”

“Loved the experience of it all for my first visit. Definitely plan on coming each year!”

Julie Richards
Nova Scotia

“We took a friend one year and he described it, ‘There is no show in Las Vegas like this one.’”

Shirley Bellefontaine
Porters Lake, Nova Scotia

“An excellent entertainment: anything that can impress a modern 15-year-old must be doing something right!”

Photos by Stoo Metz, David Baillieul, Hamish Gordon & others.
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