June 26 - July 2, 2018 Scotiabank Centre, Halifax

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Book Your Backstage Tour Today!

Your chance to go behind the scenes at the world's largest annual indoor show.

If you've ever wondered what it's like backstage at the Tattoo here's your chance to see for yourself: you'll get to walk out onto the stage, see where all of the props and costumes are stored, and you might even run into a performer or two, all while you learn about the history of the Tattoo and fun facts about the show. 

Your tour guide will have years of experience with the Tattoo and can offer you insight you'd never hear otherwise. 

Only $15/person + tax. 
Children 12 and under, $7.50/child + tax.

Book now, spots are limited!

*Tours offered between 4-5pm on evening show days, 11-12pm on matinee show days. 

"A behind the scenes view of what it takes to make this wonderful show." - Bob Wilkins, Backstage Tour Guide 
"You have entered the door that the entertainers use." - Rod Coe, Yankee RV Tours Operator

Call 902-420-1114 to book your tour today.

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