June 26 - July 2, 2018 Scotiabank Centre, Halifax

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2017 Tattoo In Review

This year’s show was a performance unlike any other. A special year required a special performance and the Tattoo delivered! This year was a tribute to Canada 150 and the true beauty this country has to offer.

We showed our Canadian pride by bringing in groups from far and wide. The Calgary Stetsons told the history of the railway being built from coast to coast through music and marching!

The Tattoo can’t talk about Canada 150 without mentioning the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Ceremonial Troop who made appearances both on and off the stage. Stunning the audience on stage with their precise marching followed by mingling with the audience during intermission and after the show!

The Calgary Fiddlers made an appearance this year and joined forces with Nova Scotia’s very own, La Baie en Joie. This clash of east vs west had your toes tapping every time!

Don’t forget the National Band of the Naval Reserve, and their modern twist on your traditional military marching band. Playing in conjunction with three live field cannons and the members of the Maritime Tactical Operations Group, this perform showed a stunning display of naval power.

Our friends to the south brought more than just the USS Eisenhower to Halifax this Canada Day weekend, they also strutted their stuff at the Tattoo with the Finest of the Fleet, the United States Fleet Forces Band. Their stunning mix of music and song along with a little bit of audience interaction left the crowd wanting more!

Moving across the ocean, Germany wins the award for most creative instruments, the Groove Onkels had by far the trashiest act this year! And we mean that in a good way, garbage cans and empty bottles were their instruments of choice creating a unique, high energy experience for all. Also from Germany, was none other than the German Army Mountain Division Band who performed a wonderful melody of music with included the use of whips and anvils as instruments!
Up next is the horrifying hilarious performance by the Holmikers, these monsters and zombies were unlike any other, from falling parallel bars to knocking the heads off each other, you didn’t know what was going to happen next!  You truly have to expect the unexpected at the Tattoo!

Of course a Tattoo is rooted in history and we can’t forget to remember, this year we opened up the history books and told you the stories of Vimy Ridge and the Halifax explosion, both of which happened 100 years ago, A moment of gratitude toward all those who served and perished during the war was shared in the audience, a truly breathtaking experience you have to be part of to understand.

While most of us can’t even touch our toes, these impressive acrobats from Russia were bending over backwards to entertain! The Kalutskih show showed us a gravity defying performance of power which left you speechless!

All the way from the United Kingdom, came the IMPS, A group of youngsters performing incredible stunts on their motorcycles everything from jumping over each other to launching fireworks off their bikes, these brits were outright impressive!

We can’t forget our friends from down under, the Scotch College Pipe Band from Australia who was nothing short of impressive, their music sending shivers down your spine, was breathtaking on all accounts!

As this year’s show comes to a close, the lone drummer of the Tattoo can be heard throughout the night. This year may be over but plans for next year are well underway! Make sure you get your tickets, they go on sale October 1st, 2017!  



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