Tattoo Tartan

The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo tartan is based on the Black Watch Tartan. This is a reflection of the close ties between the Tattoo and The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada. Vast numbers of the Tattoo team past and present are former members of the regiment. The Tattoo's Pipes & Drums were formed under the auspices of the Black Watch Association.

The three services are represented in the Tartan, with dark blue for the Navy, red for the Army and light blue for the Air Force. The red also symbolizes the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canada itself. The province of Nova Scotia is represented by a wide golden thread, support on either side by the Canadian red and further represented by the light blue of "Canada's Seacoast".

Tartan items are available for purchase including 100% lambswool scarves and blankets, woven in Scotland. See the Tattoo Shop for details.