Visionary Projects

The Foundation is looking for innovative ways to keep young people involved in the show and to keep nurturing musical talent. Take a look at the list of projects The Foundation would like to see become a reality! Maybe you can help.

University Chair of Military Music:

To be established to explore this cultural genre by musical academics. Incumbent would be associated with the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo and would conduct extensive research.

Historic Uniform Research:

Military uniforms and their evolution is of considerable interest to historians and theatrical designers. A program will be designed to stimulate academic interest via university theatrical departments.

Costume and Military Uniform and Properties Inventory:

The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo has one of the largest costume and stage property shops in Canada. There is a requirement to establish a computerized inventory system which would update stock and automate inventory audits.

Tattoo Community Marching Band:

There is little opportunity for young musicians to join a functioning marching band in Canada. One of the long term Foundation Projects will be to establish a first class marching band program within Halifax.

Gymstrada Program:

Gymnasts or potential gymnasts not interested in individual competition would be given the opportunity to join clubs that focus on Gymstrada events. The program would also be open to older gymnasts.

Expansion of Tattoo Festival:

The Tattoo Festival has been operated for some years and is need of rejuvenation and expansion beyond Tattoo performers. The Foundation would expand the scope of the Festival by including other artistic genres and components.

Other Projects:

The Tattoo Foundation would promote and support other organizations and disciplines such as adult and youth choirs, musical ensembles, dancers and athletic groups that express interest in Tattoo participation.