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Showtime: An Intern's View of the Royal International Tattoo

Dear Reader,

Hello! My name is David MacDonald, and I am this year's marketing intern at the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo. I’ve been here for over a month and a half now and my internship is coming (sadly) to a close today. This blog is going to talk about my experiences as an intern this year and tell you how I’ve felt throughout this journey.

It all started on May 15th at a small wooden table covered in a blue plastic tablecloth in the office at 10 Morris Drive. My first day on the job I was introduced to my wonderful co-workers, received a tour of the office, and was assigned my very first task: stuffing envelopes. Can you think of a more classic task for an intern? Nope? Me either.

But after the first few days of stuffing envelopes and making deliveries all around the city, I got into the meat of the internship. I started becoming a presence on social media and had the opportunity to learn all about scheduling posts. I was taught how to do some basic HTML web design which is something that has always interested me.

But there was one thing missing. During my interview, I was told that things can get very hectic this time of the year as the show approaches. However, I found myself noticing that although things were busy, they weren’t necessarily insane. Well let me tell you, I made that call a little too early.

A few weeks later, on June 15th we packed up the entire office and moved ourselves over to the Scotiabank Centre. In the days and weeks that followed I would eat those words. From running around the Scotiabank Centre, daily meetings, coordinating with groups and so much more, things did indeed become “hectic”.

The days leading up to the show were so filled with things to do that the next thing I knew it was June 29th and the show began. It was spectacular. All the acts had aspects to them that made them unique from the other groups, and combined to create a breathtaking display of precision, musicality, and athleticism. The next thing I knew, it was over.

June 29th to July 6th went by faster than ever and the days seemed to blend together, and it may have been an incredibly busy time, but it was a ride.

This internship at the Tattoo has changed me for the better and has shown me many different perspectives. I was able to see all of the hard work and dedication that goes into making a show like the Tattoo thrive. I was fortunate enough to gain experience in marketing and was able to get an inside view on how events are set up and run.

Most importantly however, I was introduced to an amazing group of people. I witnessed, and had the privilege to be a part of, a team of not just incredible people, but incredibly skilled workers who have shown me just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what goes into turning the Tattoo from an idea into a show filled with life. Everybody at the Tattoo welcomed me into the busy rush that the Tattoo is and still found time to guide me, teach me and show me all the components that lead to creating a polished product.

To everybody in the Tattoo family, I give you my deepest thanks. It has been one heck of a ride and I know that what I have learned in my time here will serve me well in my future endeavours.

I look forward to popping in the office in years to come to see you all.

Thank you to the entire Tattoo staff for everything you have done but most of all, thank you for accepting me into your Tattoo family.

 - David


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